Why Stem_Risk_RefineryTM

  • Is an effective and economical tool to control corrosion and related degradations in refineries, oil sands operations, and facilities.
  • It analyzes various materials, various environmental conditions, and various mechanisms by which corrosion and degradations taking place in refineries, oil sands operations, and facilities.
    • Considers more than 95 damage mechanisms.
  • It helps to develop various documents, diagrams, and best practices required to control corrosion and degradation including:
    • Corrosion Loops (CL).
    • Process-Flow Diagram (PFD).
    • Materials Selection Diagram (MSD).
    • Corrosion Control Document (CCD).
    • Integrity Operating Windows (IOW).
    • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI).

Stem_Risk_RefineryTM Uniqueness

  • Understands typical components and operations of refineries, oil sands operation, and facilities.
  • Identifies materials used in various operations.
  • Determines damage mechanisms (DM) occurring in given operating conditions.
  • Calculates corrosion rate (CR) or degradation rate (DR) considering various DM.
  • Develops Corrosion Control Diagrams (CCD).
  • Establishes Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CML).
  • Performs Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) and oversee RBI implementation.
  • Creates Integrity Operating Windows (IOW).