Why Stem_Risk_PipelineTM

  • Is the "Digital Twin" of your pipelines.
  • Is the one-stop solution to effectively and economically reduce the risk in pipelines.
  • Analyzes the risk in pipelines; deduces strategies to reduce risk; and monitors implementation of risk reduction strategies.
  • Ensures uninterrupted operations, cost savings, safe environment, and enhanced corporate reputation.
  • Incorporates best practices which have progressively reduced the number of incidents in Canada from 4 per 1,000 km to 1 per 1,000 km of pipelines per year.
  • Enables implementation of best practices in corrosion management based on NACE SP21430.

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Uniqueness

  • Integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Management aspects of risk and risk control.
  • Enables risk analysis of one pipeline at a time or whole pipeline network altogether.
  • Includes industry benchmark scores for various Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Develops corrosion management as a stand alone system or integrates corrosion management system into the organization’s other management systems.
  • Evaluates separately managerial aspects and scientific aspects of risk and risk control.

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Validation based on

  • Analysis of 100+ field data/experience.
  • Evaluation of KPI used in the Oil and Gas pipelines in Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Venezuela.
  • Interaction with field personnel through courses, seminars, workshops, tutorials, and specific projects.

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Science

  • STEM_Risk_PipelineTM investigates scientific aspects of internal corrosion (along with iFILMS®), external corrosion and stress corrosion cracking (along with ExpeditionTM) and other risks.

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Technology

  • STEM_Risk_PipelineTM and it's team enable digitization of data from any form (paper, CD, PDF, word processing etc) to electronic form thereby empowering the oil and gas pipeline owners/operators to make economical and efficient decision using all available data.

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Engineering

  • STEM_Risk_PipelineTM is used in the conceptual, design, construction, operation, maintenance, decommission and abandonment stages.
  • STEM_Risk_PipelineTM is used to balance capital expenditure (Capex) and operational expenditure (Opex).

Stem_Risk_PipelineTM - Management


  • Investigates the status of risk and risk reduction activities in an individual pipeline or a group of pipelines in a field.
  • Identifies areas / pipelines / flowlines with higher risk.
  • Optimizes budget allocation.
  • Enables seamless communication with regulators, stake holders, and general public.